I am principally a portrait photographer, specialising in editorial photography for publication.
Most of my current commissions are for corporate portraits and I do a fine job of offering credible representations of executives for their customers and shareholders.

My editorial portraits tend to be rather less straight laced, but I’m happy to collaborate with creative people on realising images that reflect their particular reality, only dialed up to eleven.
Tearsheets of my published commercial portraiture and editorial portraits are available online as well.

For select clients, I produce architectural images and I’ve been doing a lot of panoramic photographs both for my own enjoyment and for clients who need a wide view of things.

My personal project, Local Lives, which investigates the way we live in Trinidad and Tobago, is here.

My 2015 photo-a-day project, captured exclusively on my mobile phone, can be found here.




While I’ve retired from corporate writing, I continue to contribute to magazines and newspapers, most notably the T&T Guardian, for whom I’ve been writing weekly editorial leaders since 2001.

I’m probably best known for my personal technology column, BitDepth, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015 after being published in the Trinidad Express, The Wire and for most of its existence, the Guardian.
An archive of that work that runs back to 2005 is available online.

Reviews, interviews and opinion pieces that aren’t technology related are found here.

My newest project is TechNewsTT, which reports on technology developments directly relevant to and emerging from Trinidad and Tobago.

Writing about photography, both generally and with a view to local matters, happens on my blog.

I speak to selected groups about photography and new media issues from time to time. Those talks are archived as vidcasts here.





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